Confirm your trip

  1. You choose your trip design option & pay 50% of the design fee at the time of booking.
  2. You complete our booking form and read through the terms and conditions for your trip.


  1. At this stage we send you the best options for your trip based on availability, routes, location etc. of flights, hotels, ground transport, activities and tours.
  2. You let us know your choices.
  3. We send you your first trip invoice in order to start making bookings for your trip.

Trip page

  1. We send you the link to your personalised trip page so you can watch your trip evolve right in front of your eyes:
    • We start with your outline day-by-day itinerary and trip map (based on your trip design option) 
    • We then add more and more details as they are booked. Typically your international flights and accommodation come first with ground transport, activities and tours after.
    • Next we add your personalised destination guide to your trip page (based on your trip design option).
    • Around one month prior to departure we make restaurant recommendations based on up-to-date, accurate information, and add  any last details to your day-by-day itinerary and trip map.


  1. We send your final trip invoices based on the booking conditions for your trip. 

Booking confirmations

  1. Between one and two weeks prior to departure we send you a departure email with your booking confirmations attached.
  2. In some cases you will need to print documents and make photocopies before you leave home. 
  3. At this stage we recommend saving a link to your trip page on all the devices you are travelling with.

Away you go!