Curio Trips offers a complete trip design and booking service to give you exclusive access to the experts in travel. In the same way you would pay for the services of an architect to build your home or an accountant to help with your finances, we have a fee for our service too. With that comes an array of benefits that include a high quality logistically sound trip, a vacation designed specifically for you that allows you to maintain your independence with no set itineraries or departure dates, plus a dedicated trip designer throughout the design and booking process and your trip itself.

We help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of travel planning such as spending your entire time away researching your trip as you go, missing logistics that leave you stranded or without accommodation for the night, feeling let-down by your chosen hotels, arriving to bucket list experiences to find a site is closed or you do not have the correct things with you, and a whole lot more!

Our two levels of trip design support vary in price based on the number of people travelling, how long you are travelling for and the complexity of your trip:

We need to know your preferred option when you get in touch to start the process of designing and booking your trip.

For more information, check out the full process HERE