WHO: Couples, families multi-generational groups
WHEN: September to May
WHY: Oman is a highly unique destination to visit that will likely not remind you of anywhere else you’ve ever been. Starting in the capital the sparkling clean Grand Mosque is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture. You will be required to cover yourself from head to toe to conform to local norms and dress code requirements. From here the mountains are calling where untouched landscapes, historic castles and forts, and traditional souk markets await. Next up are the palm tree oases that are home to turquoise blue pools of water perfect for cooling off in. These scenes are dreamy, relaxing and unlike anywhere else. In complete contrast the perfectly peaked orange sand dunes of the desert are the perfect place to get adventurous, come face to face with camels and understand more about the Bedouin culture. Spend your days sand bashing, climbing dunes, and sipping on tea and eating dates. Your nights will be spent glamping under the stars in the silence of the desert. If Oman is a destination of interest, now is the time to go while tourism numbers are low.
SETTING: Cities, mountains, deserts & beach
HOTEL STYLE: Independent boutique & luxury brand hotels
EXPERIENCES: Culture Trips, Outdoor Trips, Romantic Trips
BUCKET LIST EXPERIENCES: The Grand Mosque, palm tree oases & desert dunes
TRIP COST: From $5,000 USD per person excl. airfare