WHO: Couples, families & multi-generational groups
WHEN: Year-round with varying high seasons for differing activities
WHY: These islands located off mainland Ecuador are quite literally like nowhere else on planet earth. The islands are protected for conservation and preservation reasons and on the whole that has been a major success. To access the land and water experiences on offer you must be accompanied by a naturalist guide who has vast experience of each of the islands and the unique flora and fauna that inhabit them. No two islands are the same and most have at least one endemic species. Some of the wildlife you will spot here include sea lions sunbathing on the beach, marine and land iguanas, blue footed boobies, giant tortoises, every kind of ray, Galapagos penguins and more. You will stay in boutique hotels equipped to take care of your every need, and there are opportunities to stroll the quaint island towns.
SETTING: Islands, beaches, forests, volcanoes
HOTEL STYLE: Independent boutique hotels
EXPERIENCES: Wildlife Trips, Outdoor Trips
BUCKET LIST EXPERIENCES: Island-hopping, cruising
TRIP COST: From $6,000 USD per person excl. airfare

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