secret trips, the most exciting way to travel!



Secret Trips are the most exciting way imaginable to travel. We design and book your trip to a place you didn't even know you wanted to go. And now the secret part, you only discover your destination on the day you leave home! Whether you're a seasoned traveller looking for a new way to spice up your travels, or a group of friends seeking out your next great adventure, you can't go wrong with a secret trip. After completing our questionnaire we design and book each trip to suit your dreams for your time away, which means every experience is different and no two trips are ever the same. So what are you waiting for, nothing beats the thrill of an airport destination reveal hours before you jet-off on your trip. 

how it works



Get started by using our book your trip page, giving us a call at (+1) 718-717-8065 or dropping us an email to, to let us know a bit about you and your dream secret trip.

2. the questionnaire

We personalise every trip we design and book to ensure no two are ever the same. By completing our questionnaire we learn more about you, why you have chosen a secret trip, your travel dates, and what you are after from your time away. 

3. the invite

Once your itinerary is designed, and we know that we can achieve what you are looking for, we confirm your trip and email you the invite. This lets you know the vacation days to book off work, and allows you to start sharing the fun with your loved ones!

4. behind-the-scenes

Now that your trip is designed we work away behind-the-scenes to book all the key elements: flights, trains or rental cars, accommodations, activities and tours. We also create your itinerary documents so once your destination is revealed, you know what we have in store for you!

5. where to BE and when

Along the way we need to let you know where to be and when in order to start your trip. In most cases this involves sending you flight dates and times for your nearest airport, but in some instances you may start your trip at a train station or rental car office.


Around two weeks prior to your departure we send you the packing list for your trip. A key component of any trip is packing: knowing what to take, what to leave at home, and any destination specific items you might need. In the case of secret trips, you don't know where we're sending you so it's our job to ensure you know what to pack. 

7. the envelope

Your trip envelope is mailed out to you a week or so prior to your trip. This all important envelope holds your destination postcard, itinerary, booking confirmations and destination information, including details on the climate, currency and restaurant recommendations. Since you don't know where we are sending you, we do all the research for you.


Finally the moment you've been waiting for, the big reveal of your destination! It is now time to open the envelope and discover where we are sending you. We will be (virtually) with you every step of the way and only ever a phone call away. Happy travels!

You know nothing! Your destination and itinerary are revealed to you on the day you leave home. Along the way you receive a few teasers from your travel dates and packing list, but this is a true secret trip from where it all began.

You choose your destination, or we work together to select one, then your personal trip designer works away behind-the-scenes to design and book your trip. The secret part is that your itinerary will remain a secret until the day you leave home.

Is one of you keen on the idea of a secret trip but the other not so sure? We can mix 'n' match who discovers what at different stages of the design and booking process. Whatever you desire, there's a level of secret for everyone!

If you've been searching for the perfect treat for your partner or friend, work with your personal trip designer to surprise a loved one in the most exciting way imaginable! Enjoy the look on their face when you reveal all on the day you leave home.


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