Going on safari is one of the most incredible travel experiences on the planet. Fact. You will never forget your first safari...the moment you glimpse a giraffe in the wild just strolling by the airport, when a gentle giant elephant walks right up to your jeep to say hello, seeing a lion roar while his lioness sits nearby protecting her cubs. All this while staying in a stunningly designed tented camp fit with restaurant, pool and more amenities than you could ever expect while sleeping in the wild. Spend your mornings and afternoons with an expert local guide who has years of experience working in the area tracking wildlife. They will drive you to the spots they know where the big five like to hangout and they will share their knowledge of the area and the animals with you.  Pack your binoculars and a good camera because you will want to capture these moments forever. The travel memories made on a safari trip will stay with you for a lifetime and turn you into a story-teller. 


WHO: Couples, honeymooners, families, friends, solo travellers
WHY: Wildlife spotting in the wild
WHERE: Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Rwanda, India, Sri Lanka
WHEN: Year-round with varying low and high seasons in each destination
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: 10+ days but all our experiences can be tailor-made to you
SETTING: National parks, safari reserves, mountains, lakes, volcanoes
HOTEL STYLE: Boutique, luxury, small and independent, tented camps
TRIP COST: From $5,500 USD per person excl. airfare


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