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Be it your first adventure together as newlyweds or your last trip before two become three, romance is the order of the day! The Curio Trips team know the best times of year to travel for the classic honeymoon destinations as well as the more unusual options. We hand-pick beautiful boutique hotels offering honeymoon suites and villas with private pools and personal butlers. We can set up  anything your heart desires from romantic candlelit dinners on the beach to hot air balloon rides to fireworks. And as if that isn't enough our proposal team select the perfect spot for you to ask that extra special question and can even arrange for a local photographer to capture the moment they say yes! 

WHO: Couples
WHY: Proposal, mini-moon, honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary, birthday,  urban adventure, road-trip, beach escape, adventure
WHERE: Worldwide
WHEN: Whenever the urge for romance takes over!
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: Long weekend + 
RATES: $2500 USD + per person excl. airfare


what's your romantic trip travel style?

Some cities scream romance! Our top picks for romantic urban adventures include Paris, Venice, Florence, New York City and Santorini. Destinations that are coincidentally some of the most classic honeymoon spots on the planet. Combine urban adventure with another travel style to create two vacations in one.

We've all seen the pics of stunning overwater villas, palm tree lined beaches, crystal clear infinity pools and sunset candlelit dinners in soft white sand, but have you experienced it? Our most popular travel style after all that wedding planning is some rest and relaxation on a romantic beach escape. 

Just the two of you and the wide open road ahead. Perhaps the most romantic travel style, road-trips are perfect for those looking to spend time together travelling at your own pace. And to ensure there are no navigational disagreements, we will create a personalised trip map for your entire route.

If you're seeking a trip that leaves you with stories to tell and memories to last a lifetime, adventure is the one for you. Whether you parachute out of a plane, scuba dive the great barrier reef or take a secret trip and only discover your destination on the day you leave home, an adventure with the one you love will not disappoint!