Purposeful Trips provide you with a safe way to travel with purpose. Our itineraries combine in-depth learning about a new destination with a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience. Designed to encourage understanding, empathy and empowerment, we do not claim you will change the world on this one trip. Instead our hope is for you to return home with a connection to a new place and its people, and to then find creative ways of helping those you have met and teaching others about your experience. 

Causes we care about on Purposeful Trips include:

  • Justice - historical and current oppression

  • Environment - wildlife and climate

  • Equality - women and girls

  • Health - access to food, water and vaccines

Perfect for couples, families, friends and solo travellers with a passion to understand the lives of others around the world, a desire to make life-long travel memories together, and a drive to create change no matter how big or small, Get In Touch if this unique travel experience is for you.  And don't forget to sign up below to “Follow Your Curiosity” and join us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to learn more as each exciting destination is revealed.  


** Curio Trips will donate $100 USD per person on your behalf to the cause you are passionate about **


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