switch off & reconnect outdoors



An adventure in the Great Outdoors comes in many shapes and sizes. Some take place in National Parks which by definition are “protected special places saved for public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment”. They are home to breathtaking landscapes that stand apart from the area surrounding them. Their remote locations mean a National Park trip is a perfect excuse for a road-trip and fun playlist. No matter the National Park you choose for your trip, you will feel as though you have entered a very special bubble of beauty that you want to care for and preserve for the rest of time.

Other outdoor adventures are set in winter wonderlands such as Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Scandinavia and Finland. Here you will find yourself in a dream-like wilderness setting of mountains, forests and endless crisp snow. For the adrenaline junkies start your trip snowmobiling across frozen lakes then let the dogs take the reins with a dogsled ride through alpine trails. Meet local wildlife including reindeer and moose, and round-out your trip by resting your head at night in a cosy log cabin or unique bubble hotel under the stars.

Breath fresh air into your lungs as you get active through hikes, kayaking, rafting, skiing, snowshoeing and more. All in the best place imaginable for a digital detox. The feeling of awe you experience will make you want to switch off your phone to enjoy the present moment free from work, home and social media. Reconnect with yourself, your travel companions and nature while soaking up your surroundings and the emotions they invoke, then return home rejuvenated and inspired for life ahead.

WHO: Couples, honeymooners, families, friends, solo travellers
WHY: To switch off and soak it all in the world's greatest national parks
WHERE: USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, Patagonia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia
WHEN: Year-round with varying low and high seasons in each destination
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: 10+ days including arrival & departure days
SETTING: Rural, lakes, mountains, desert, ice & snow
HOTEL STYLE: Chic, boutique, luxury, guesthouses
TRIP COST: From $4,000 USD per person excl. airfare