HUNT NORTHERN LIGHTS before they go dormant



For most this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with you forever. That moment you see the sky turn green, purple and white then dance and sway energetically for seconds to minutes to hours. The Aurora Borealis shine all year round, but your chances of spotting them are higher in winter months when darkness descends for most of the day. 

Visibility of the world's greatest natural light show is unpredictable and highly weather dependent. For these reasons we strongly recommend making the Northern Lights part of your winter trip, but not the only reason you travel. Pairing the Northern Lights with winter activities such as dogsledding and snowmobiling means you still have a fantastic getaway even if the lights don't show. 

This year scientists are predicting 2017 as the last year to see the Aurora Borealis at their most frequent and most vibrant. This is because the cycle of solar activity that causes the Northern Lights is about to enter an 11 year dormant phase. So it really is now or never (well 11 years from now) to book your Northern Lights trip. 

WHO: Couples, families, besties
WHY: Proposal, honeymoon, road-trip, adventure, vacation
WHERE: Iceland, Canada, Alaska, Norway, Finland, Sweden
WHEN: October to March
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: Long weekend +
STYLE: Resorts, rustic, luxury, guided tours
SETTING: Winter, wilderness
RATES: $3000 USD + per person excl. airfare


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