push your comfort zone on a culture trip


That adrenaline pumping moment when you land in a new destination far from home is exactly the comfort zone pushing we want you to experience on a Culture Trip. A language that you don't understand, cultural norms that you have to learn and respect, foods that you are eager to try, and people that you want to get to know, are all part of the magic of a trip that makes you feel the distance and difference from home. A Culture Trip involves immersion, interactions and an open-mind. They are judgement free. You play the role of observer as you soak up everything there is to know about this exciting new place, and through that you in turn learn and grow. As you board the plane to return to the comfort of home, the feeling of success is immense. You personally developed as you navigated the challenges and differences, as you discovered and absorbed new cuisine, music, art and people. A Culture Trip is a chance to push yourself to your limits and to return home changed forever. 

WHO: Couples, honeymooners, families, friends, solo travellers
WHY: To explore, learn and grow as you push your comfort zone in a destination so different and distant from home
WHERE: India, Japan, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Rwanda, Morocco, Jordan, Oman & many more!
WHEN: Year-round with varying low and high seasons in each destination
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: 10+ days but all our experiences can be tailor-made to you
SETTING: Cities, countryside, coastal, desert, mountains, beaches
HOTEL STYLE: Chic, boutique, small and independent
TRIP COST: From $4,500 USD per person excl. airfare


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