From traditional gumbo and beignets in New Orleans, to sushi and tempura in Japan, to pub grub and fish and chips in England, travelling to taste the world has become a growing reason to select a specific destination when booking that next trip.  The number of diverse, intriguing and accessible food experiences on our planet are now endless, so we have pulled together the most noteworthy to create our Curio Trips culinary experiences. Join local culinary guides on journeys of discovery that take you to markets to witness the purchasing process of locally sourced food, to cooking schools to learn how to create the perfect dish, and to farm to table artisanal restaurants where you feel part of the family when you sit down to dinner. Each destination comes with an extensive restaurant list sharing with you the best spots to dine-out based on ambience, quality of food and service. Needless to say, you will step back on the plane at the end of your trip full of travel memories and recipes to inspire your mealtimes at home.

WHO: Couples, bachelorettes, besties, families
WHY: Cuisine
WHERE: Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, England, Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina, Morocco
WHEN: Year-round
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: One week + but all our experiences can be tailor-made to you
STYLE: Chic, modern, rustic, luxury
SETTING: Cities, countryside, coastal, desert
RATES: $4500 USD + PER PERSON excl. airfare, incl. trip design fee


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