In your carry-on you should pack everything that you can't afford to lose, or buy more of while away.

  • Important travel docs: passport, drivers license, travel insurance details, I.D., emergency contact numbers for people on the ground and back home. Be sure to leave a copy of your important travel docs with friends and family, that way they know exactly where you are and how to reach you in case of an emergency (for secret trips we will forward a copy of your e-itinerary to your trusted person). 
  • Money: local currency and credit cards
  • Irreplaceable items: glasses and sunglasses, camera, phone, headphones (some flights no longer provide headphones for in-flight entertainment)
  • Prescription medications (with original label), feminine hygiene products that can be tricky to find overseas
  • One spare destination specific outfit in case your checked luggage doesn't make it. 
  • Book, honeymoon journal, reusable water bottle (save money and the environment by not having to purchase plastic bottles everywhere you go)
  • On your return flight: anything fragile you bought as a memento while away


  • For her: Long pants, long-sleeve top/cardigan, socks, scarf (the all important multi-purpose scarf, ideal for cooler evenings and cultural sensitivity in some countries).
  • For him: long pants, long sleeve top, socks
  • For both: bulky items such as jackets that take up room in your checked luggage. You can always put them in the overhead compartment as soon as you board the plane. 


Your checked luggage is home to everything else, which depending on your destination can amount to quite a lot. The key is to purchase travel-size toiletries, and to re-wear clothes at least once. 

For her:

  • Everyday: shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, sundresses
  • Footwear: day sandals, evening sandals, beach flip-flops, active close-toed shoes
  • Evening: dresses, cardigan, scarf (remember that multi-purpose one)
  • Underwear: panties, socks, bras (including strapless)
  • Swimwear: bikini/one-piece, cover-up, beach bag, beach towel
  • Bags: day bag, beach bag, evening bag
  • Rain jacket: light or heavy based on the season
  • Accessories: jewellery to glam up your day or evening look
  • Cosmetics

For him:

  • Everyday: shorts, t-shirts
  • Footwear: day sandals, evening shoes, flip-flops, active close-toed shoes
  • Evening: smart slacks, polo shirt or button-down shirt, pullover
  • Underwear: boxers, socks
  • Swimwear: swimsuit, beach towel
  • Bags: day bag 
  • Rain jacket: light or heavy based on the season

For both:

  • Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, comb/brush, shave cream, razor, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, nail file/clippers, body lotion, hair essentials and accessories, make-up remover
  • Medicinal: sunscreen, after-sun, lip balm, aspirin, band-aids, motion sickness meds, diarrhoea meds, insect repellent, wet wipes
  • Electronics: travel adapters, chargers
  • For fun: deck of cards, travel games
  • Umbrella