Tailor-made trips are designed specifically to you based on your trip dates, the experience(s) you are seeking, your preferred price range, your desired trip pace, and your wants and needs for your time away. It means no two trips  are ever the same, as no two clients are ever the same. For this reason we do not have a set of sample itineraries to share with you for your destination/trip. Instead we create your itinerary from scratch collaborating with you every step of the way (apart from Secret Trips as you don't know where we're sending you).



Do you help us pick
our destination?

Yes. A huge part of our value-add is listening to what you want from your time away then recommending destinations to match your travel dreams. And if you have a travel experience in mind we know exactly the places that work for each experience type we offer. Our selection is usually based on flight times, climate, things to do, hotel options and price range. 



What is the ideal timeline to plan a trip?

The earlier the better, especially for complex, multi-country trips. That way we can start the design process and be ready to book once flights are released around 11 months prior to departure. If we find ourselves in last-minute territory to design and book your trip, availability for flights, accommodation etc. is trickier to find so your options will be fewer. 



What accommodations do you use?

We only partner with and book boutique hotels that fit our criteria on style, uniqueness, location and service. We do not book budget all-inclusives, hostels or spring break trips. 



What are the different levels of trip design that you offer?

Curio Trips offers two levels of trip design support which vary in price based on the number of people travelling, how long you are travelling for and the complexity of your trip: 

We do not book long weekend getaways, staycations or partial trips. Our service covers flights, accommodation, transport, activities and tours, and we partner with only the best on all these fronts. 



How much will my
trip cost?

How much your trip costs is up to you. We will let you know when you get in touch if the destination or experience you are looking for is possible within your price range. If not we will offer a suggested budget based on our expertise in this field.  Often just shortening a trip by a day or two can make things work. 

Factors that will increase your trip cost include the number of people travelling and therefore rooms, the distance you are travelling, how long you are travelling for, the complexity of your trip and level of luxury you choose for your hotels.

Typically a one week trip is $4,000 USD+ per person, a 10-12 day trip is $5,000 USD+ per person, a two week trip is $6,000 USD+ per person and so on.

Our aim is always to create you a logistically sound trip that will leave you with travel memories to last a lifetime, while providing an exceptional level of service and ultimately creating a great value for money trip. 



What DO we receive from you for our trip?

This differs based on the level of trip design that you choose, but all clients receive a full day-by-day itinerary. If we are in charge of your bookings we add your booking confirmations, and if you opt for our full service you receive a personalised trip page that is home to absolutely everything you need for your trip. Our value-add is felt the most with our full Trip Design + Bookings + Destination Guide, Trip Map & Restaurant Recommendations service, which does not disappoint. 

We also advice on visas, vaccinations, travel insurance and packing for your trip, so all your questions are answered from the word go. By taking on this hard work for you, you save yourselves time, stress and that overwhelmed feeling that comes with D.I.Y travel planning. 

Around one week prior to your trip departure date you will have everything you need in your inbox to ensure you are good to go. 



How do we pay for
our trip?

Curio Trips will provide you with a set of invoices that you can pay by Visa or Mastercard through a secure payment link. We also accept wire transfers and PayPal payments.

If you fancy having your friends and family help fund your trip, check out our trip registry for more information.

If you have been given the gift of travel, tell us when you get in touch so we can apply your gift to your trip.  



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