glamp your way around the world


"Glamping"- glamorous camping - is the luxury of sleeping in a bed in a beautifully rustic outdoor setting without the struggles of putting up your tent and searching for a bathroom at night. The level of luxury at each varies, with some being heavier on the luxury - en suite bathrooms and comfortable lounges, and lighter on the camping. The one thing they all have in common though is the way they embrace their natural surroundings to create beautiful lodgings in the most stunning of settings. So whether you're looking to adventure in the U.S., Europe or Africa,  your next glamping experience will take you out of the office and into the wild.

WHO: Couples, families, bachelorettes, besties
WHY: Adventure, proposal, honeymoon, road-trip, out of office, vacation, sabbatical
WHERE: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand
WHEN: Year-round
IDEAL TRIP LENGTH: Long weekend +
STYLE: Rustic, chic, luxury
SETTING: Wilderness, desert, nature, safari
RATES: $150 USD + per night


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