If recent reports are anything to go by, the answer is a resounding yes. Who could forget  the doctor being dragged off the United Airlines plane just last year? How about the recent incident on a Southwest Airlines flight where a mother was ordered to prove her own child was hers, despite travelling with both required passports? We ourselves are currently having our own issues with American Airlines.

Compare these passenger experiences to those on the consistently voted best airlines in the world, and the treatment of customers is completely different. The airport and onboard experience is welcoming rather than hostile, and people are treated with dignity and not as though they are guilty until proven innocent.

Frequent players on the world's best airlines lists are Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar, Etihad and Emirates who take service to a whole other level! Asia's Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific also show up often, as do Lufthansa and Britain's Virgin Atlantic. As you can see, not a single U.S. airline in sight!  

As paying customers we expect and deserve a certain service from those with the power to shape the start and finish of  our trips. There's nothing worse than making amazing travel memories during your time away, then having them literally knocked out of sight and mind  when United Airlines drags you off the plane!

From our perspective U.S. airlines need to drastically up their game, especially with competitor airlines rapidly growing their routes and devising enticing reasons to fly with them. We're noticing a shift in travellers when making the decision of who to fly with as they factor in experience  just as much as cost to ensure the sanctity of their vacation.