boutique & luxury HOTEL partnershipS


Curio Trips is a high-end travel business providing an end-to-end trip design service to our exclusive clients who include professional athletes, TV stars and highly successful entrepreneurs. We take on the hard work of designing and booking seamless luxury travel experiences so our travellers enjoy their time away without taking on the time pressure and stress themselves.

Our clients jet-off on their trips with a full day-by-day itinerary, destination guide, booking confirmations and contact details for their time away. They depart for their destination knowing they are in safe hands and they have an incredible trip ahead of them.


Curio Trips clients have high incomes and high expectations. They work long hours and have the money to travel, but not the time to research and plan their trips. They turn to us as the experts in travel to understand their trip dreams, their travel needs and their high standards.

During their time away our clients enjoy immersing themselves in the place they are in. They enjoy new experiences and activities that they wouldn’t do at home, but like to enjoy some downtime too. The hotels we choose for them to call their home-away-from-home when they travel is a vital piece of their trip. They like to feel relaxed, comfortable, and that their every need is met before they even knew they needed it. They spend a considerable amount of money at hotel restaurants and spas and leave no expense spared.

Our clients trust us whole-heartedly to select hotels for their trip that match their needs. The fact we have firsthand experience of their destination and have a relationship with their hotel eases their minds when it comes to the unknown. They appreciate the tailor-made, hands-on nature of our service and how that continues seamlessly on their trip because of the hotels we partner with.

Curio Trips client demographics

  • Couples: those seeking romance on their getaway, including honeymooners with money to spend on their first trip together as newlyweds.

  • Families: parents travelling with children of all ages to experience the world together and share beautiful memories of their travels

  • Nationalities: predominantly American, Canadian and British

  • Average trip cost: $15,000 USD per person

  • Average trip length: 12 days

  • Destinations: worldwide

OUR Partnership

We partner with boutique and luxury hotels all over the world handpicking small, independent hotels and elite luxury brands to include in our clients’ trips. Each hotel we choose is unique, beautifully designed, well located and offers exceptional service to their guests.

During our two night minimum stay at your hotel we experience everything from check-in, to rooms, to breakfast and more. We stay as a guest to immerse ourselves in the hotel and observe encounters and interactions between guests and staff. We participate as much as possible to build an understanding of everyday life at the property. If you have a particularly romantic or special room that stands out at your hotel, or any extra features such as a spa, restaurant or on-site activities, these are exactly the elements we need to experience in order to fully understand your offering.

By partnering with Curio Trips you gain access to pre-vetted guests who align with your brand. We recommend your property to our clients, explaining all the features that make it a Curio Trips hotel, and the reasons they should stay there. Due to our long-term relationships with our clients, and our hotels, we are able to match the two perfectly which eases the booking process for all. Our clients often tell us they would never have found the hotels we select for them without us, and how much they appreciate the uniqueness of the properties we select and the level of service offered.


Some of the hotels and brands we are proud to have partnered with over the years: