boutique & luxury HOTEL CONSULTANTS


who we are

Curio Trips’ owners, husband and wife team Hannah and Mike, consult to 4* and 5* boutique and luxury hotels around the world. As owners of a high-end travel business we have experienced hundreds of hotels all over the world so we know what makes for a perfect stay: from physical comfort to ambience to service, we know because we go. Often you and your team are so deep in the details it can become impossible to notice the small things that have a big impact on your guests’ stay. Our outside perspective is fresh and full of expertise which means we are able to see where improvements can be made to provide you with helpful yet realistic advice. As designers of vacations and honeymoons for executives, professionals, and highly successful entrepreneurs, our clients expect a lot for their money and are exactly the type of guest to stay at your hotel. This means if we can suggest improvements for their stay it not only helps you, but us too.


what we do

We visit your hotel firsthand for a minimum of two nights to experience check-in, rooms, breakfast and more*. We stay as a guest to immerse ourselves in the hotel and observe encounters and interactions between guests and staff. We participate and watch as much as possible to build an understanding of everyday life at the property. We take note of where small and big changes could be made to include in the report we send you after our stay.

*If you have anything that stands out at your hotel e.g. spa, activities, restaurant etc. we are happy to experience and provide recommendations for those too.


what you receive from us

Following our stay we create a one-page report that includes a prioritised list of up to five recommendations. Our suggestions are designed to allow you to make improvements quickly rather than needing to wait for structural change or long-term investment.** We are not here to criticise, rather to provide constructive feedback that you can actually do something with. All too often it is only after a guests stay, when they write a public online review, that you learn they were unhappy about something that took place during their time with you. As much as a hotel can ask people for feedback during their stay, for many cultures it is an uncomfortable practise so they choose not to, instead harbouring the feelings until their return home. Our report is designed to minimise the number of things for people to be unhappy about, and thus maximise their experience with you.

** A more in-depth review of your property, including photographs and videos for use on your website and in marketing materials, can be provided on request for an additional fee.

To have us visit and consult at your hotel please email Hannah directly at We look forward to hearing from you.